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About Jules Torti:

My grade 12 English teacher once indicated that my writing was like a white water rafting adventure instead of a smooth paddle on a calm lake. I didn’t see anything wrong with that. I still don’t.

About Alphabet Soup:

It’s a love affair with Africa, about here and there, and the spaces in between. It’s the exploration of physical landscapes and the emotional geography that unfolds the map in new directions each day. Oblivious to elevation, time zones and temperature, the questions that arise in those journeys become answers here, in the company of words.


• Alphabet Soup is most frequently visited by women 25-34 who have no children, have received some college education and browse this site from home

• Most visitors are from the US, followed closely by Canada, Australia and 1.75% in Guam!

Prowl my Published Work here and the Media Survival Kit to see what followers are tweeting and water cooler-ing about.


Alphabet Soup Trivial Pursuit Categories

(also known as Jules Torti’s niche & key subject authority)

a) Volunteering in Uganda, the Congo and Costa Rica

b) How to eat camel, piranha, termites, grasshoppers, goat testicles, guinea   pig and beer made with oyster juice and peppercorns

c) Most Unusual Places to Sleep in the World (ice hotels, jungle huts, desert, Masai villages)

d) Posh spas, quirky massage treatments and alternative health care

e) Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey

f) Chimpanzees, The Galapagos Islands, golden retrievers, Northern Exposure, microbrew beers, Meryl Streep movies, travel lit, Jann Arden lyrics, blue footed boobies and sometimes Sasquatch

Trending topics?

#Belize, #red-footed boobies, #duck poutine pizza, #Madagascar, #Madison Violet, #tracking my sister’s 4 month trek across _________ (fill in the blank),  #finding deep fried poached eggs, #Burning Kiln Winery, #chimps, #Sukho Thai, #Cornell Orinthology Program?, #much, much of the unknown more!


PDFs for your convenience and lickety-split uploading–

Alphabet Soup Advertising Page

Alphabet Soup Media Survival Kit

Alphabet Soup Published Work


2 thoughts on “Advertising Page

  1. Read your article in G&M. Love your blog! Will be following you.

    • Thanks, Sherry. I also write for our industry mag, Massage Therapy Canada. My column is generally about quirky spa treatments around the world and the people behind the profession. I love the stories behind the hands!

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