An Elixir for a Shivery March Night: The Bounty of Belize

Lighthouse Reef, beyond the Blue Hole. Turquoise-injected waters so stitched in my mind that it would be impossible to dilute the imagery with the passage of time.

Stop the waffle presses: Ham and Cheese Whiz waffles at Reina's on Caulker for 5 Belizean dollars ($2.50 US).

Beef burritos as long as my arm at Let's Go Eat, San Ignacio. Spiked with Marie Sharp's hell-hot haberno hot sauce.

Jerk chicken and shrimp ceviche from Enjoy Bar on Caulker. Best served in the sand.

You can teach old dogs new tricks. Even how to surf. Two of Jungle Jeannie's four surf-mad German shepherds.

Hi-tops in Hopkins Village.

Horse is in the garage.

Collapsed lighthouse, Half Moon Bay, Lighthouse Reef.

The comical red-footed booby. I'd seen the blues in Galapagos, so, a 2 hour ride out beyond the Blue Hole to their colony on Half Moon Bay (Lighthouse Reef) was essential.

Male frigate birds trying to impress the gals. It takes nearly 20 minutes for them to inflate their sexy sacs.

Entrance to Actun Tunichil Muknal cave, the Mayan Underworld. Start heavy breathing now.

LOTS of self-talk going on here at the ATM cave. Glad I didn't stuff my bra with Kleenex that morning. Tight squeeze all around.

Last bit of sun at Caves Branch before entering the cavern of the Crystal Cathedral waterfall.

Jungle Jeannie's Inn by the Sea, Hopkins Village. Cue up crashing Caribbean waves soundtrack here.

Beach cabanas, Caye Caulker. If you can't walk on stilts, you can sleep on them.

Sundowner cocktails on Caye Caulker, 5:30 sharp.

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8 thoughts on “An Elixir for a Shivery March Night: The Bounty of Belize

  1. Christine

    Jules, I love your blog! The photography is outstanding… and all that talk about food is making me hungry! I’m “this close” to booking a flight to Belize–thanks for the inspiration.

  2. amazing shots Jules,

    thanks for sharing,

  3. WOW WOW WOW! What an adventure! Makes me long for sunshine and warm weather. You know how to live, Torti!

  4. Kelly (Hot Babe) Whittet

    You should be one of those people who write blogs and take pictures of their trips and stuff

  5. Kay LeFevre

    Spectacular. The dogs on the boards and the girls uniforms photos – wow pics.

  6. Seems like you got to see a lot of Belize- loved the photos!

  7. Lynne Brodie

    Absolutely Amazing as usual Jules & Kim , I got weak in the knees at the sight of the cave, and heck I didn’t even know I was clostraphobic…yikes.. And you thought sleeping in the trival pursuit V-birth was close.. Can’t wait to hear all about it this weekend!!! See ya soon. L & L

  8. I love the outdoors and I love your blog… but the waffles stole this post. Those look DELICIOUS!!!

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