A Beach Called Vicarious

And sometimes in February, you find yourself on a random Thursday night, trolling through old vacay photos, counting the sleeps until your  itinerary of concentrated beach naps, sizzling in the sun, recreational reading, swizzle-stick drinks and sunset observation.

We’ll be in Belize for the next three weeks and I thought you might enjoy a vicarious romp to the beaches that I often revisit in times of disenchantment, wind chill and ex-pat dreams. Come trip through Venezuela, Honduras, Luxor and Hurghada, the spots I find quickly in my wakeful dreams.

Margarita Island, Venezuela

My Bank of Sand Dollars, Venezuela

Sunset Duty. Very serious business, Venezuela.

Evening perch, with banana daiquiri and book, Media Luna Resort, Roatan, Honduras.

There are no bad seats in the house here. Save for a few palm frond obstructions. Roatan, Honduras.

Further proof that I was born in the wrong latitude lines. Roatan, Honduras.

Every night was a stunner. Roatan, Honduras.

I insisted that my sister stay at Media Luna two weeks ago. Or else. Did I steer her wrong?

All our days should end this spectacularly.

The Red Sea, Hurghada, Egypt

Banana Island, on the Nile, Luxor, Egypt

Tough day on the Nile, beer & sunsetting on a felucca.

“The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams, no reasons are necessary.” ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

English literature at its best.

Make life happen. Dream without borders.

This post is dedicated to Kay Lefevre, and she knows exactly why.





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2 thoughts on “A Beach Called Vicarious

  1. I love these pictures. Thanks for your humorous captions. They have brightened a grey morning here in Maine.

    • jules09

      When I saw a few replies to my recent Belize posts, I immediately thought it might be you…homesick for those days of total contentment, NEW, curiousity and the barrage of learning and fulfillment that travel provides. I get it–the return to home and all that accompanies it. Thanks for revisiting Belize with me!

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