The Best Job on Earth

I’m not sure why or how I expected to land The Best Job on Earth when I didn’t even apply for it. However, I feel entitled to be sickly jealous of Ben the Brit who was handed a six-month gig on Hamilton Island, off the coast of Queensland, Australia for a tidy $150,000 AUD. The salary includes return airfare, insurance, unlimited bragging rights and great tanning potential as “Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef,”courtesy of Tourism Queensland.

The initial application process involved a 60 second or less video. Ben left an indelible impression and was selected to join 15 other ecstatic candidates in a grueling and grilling one week interview—displaying his charisma, snorkeling skills and interpersonal communication over Vegemite sandwiches on Daydream Island, he beat the swim trunks off the rest of the sorry lot.

Prior to his winfall , Ben Southall’s business card read Charity Events Manager. He will now have to adjust to weighty responsibilities that include cleaning the pool of leaf litter, feeding the 1,500 species of fish and collecting the aerial mail. Oh, and he has to blog about it all. His demanding “work schedule” will now involve uploading video commentaries about his luxury spa treatments at qualia on Hamilton Island, diving in the reef that makes divers worldwide tremble with jealousy, sailing here and there and storybook picnics on nearby islands. And, he gets to bring his Canadian girlfriend Bre, along for the ride.

You can follow Ben’s blog at

If you want to read about the job you missed out on:

If you want to quit your less than desirable job and weep like a child, that’s okay too.

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One thought on “The Best Job on Earth

  1. Wendy

    I see he has google ads on his blog – in addion to the salary he is going to make some good cash on the ads – it will no doubt be a widely followed blog. not a bad gig at all.

    You have been very prolific on this site – lots more since I last looked – I have lots to catch up on!

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