Crazy for SHeDAISY


Once upon a time, I thought country music was what they played to lab mice to see if they would eat each other due to the anxiety and aggression the music caused. Close friends often tried to put me in a country music coma with the likes of Terri Clark, Vince Gill and other cowboy-hatted folk. I slightly warmed to the Dixie Chicks after much resistance, appreciating the honky more than the tonk in honky tonk.

Then along came SHeDAISY, three intimidatingly beautiful sisters who know how to purr. If you were impressed by Shaye (Damhnait Doyle, Kim Stockwood, Tara MacLean), SHeDAISY kicks it up a few belt notches with beauty, verve and vocals that drip like sap from the maple trees in March.

In the last week, SHeDAISY posted tracks from A Story To Tell, the brand new album they are preparing to slam the world with, on MySpace. The samples have since been pulled, but the Nancy Drew sleuth in me says they might be offering more sneak peaks in the weeks to come. An amuse-bouche if you will– to lure you into to buying that story that they have to tell. It’s their first album of original tunes in four years, so it promises a fiery vitality.

Sharing the limelight is Jann Arden who finds time to be SHeDAISY’s producer and co-writer while riding the wave that is about to crest when her own new album is released this fall. Like the rare ambidextrous who are equally adept using their right or left appendages, Arden’s explosive talent allows her to slide from artistry in the form of painted works to shaping lyrics, to writing songs and books.

Both albums are going to be knock-out powerhouses. SHeDAISY is the perfect fuel for a roadtrip, with a sassy Thelma & Louise assertiveness behind their work and contagious lyrics. Arden’s album will reliably leave us ready to overdose and weep in public with her trademark haunting lyrics, but there is equilibrium in there. Buy both and visit all the chicks on Facebook, MySpace, and by god, they even twitter when bored!

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